girls flashing nude in public in UK

Read the article from The Sun below:
Girls nicked over porn video in city
THREE girls made a porn film in front of tourists and kids near york's famous Minster, a court heard yesterday.
Models Lindsay, 19, and Carrie-Anne, 28, were videoed naked except for a pair of boots.
Film-maker Gina Lorenz, 25, directed them to strike sexually explicit poses. The raunchy show - filmed for Gina's website - was stopped by PC Gerald Hopson. He told Selby JPs: "I was confronted by two ladies naked except for black boots. What I saw surprised me."
Carrie-Anne accepted a caution for indecency and did not appear in court. Lindsay of Blackpool, denied the charge and told cops: "I like doing it. I'd do it every day if I didn't get arrested." Prosecutor Sabrina Hartshorn said: "The models strolled naked except for boots. There were members of the public there, including children."
Gina denied a public order offence. She admitted telling the girls to pose in sexual positions but claimed she did not see kids. Lindsay and Gina were convicted and fined a total of £550. The video was confiscated.
Preview from York photo shoot mentioned above:
Lindsay naked in York preview from Naked in Public TV

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