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Read the article from Lancashire Evening Post below:
SHOCKING: Lindsay surprises shoppers in Preston city centre. She was arrested for putting on a similar display in York
Anger after model parades nude in centre of Preston
COMMUNITY leaders in Preston have hit out after a nude model paraded through a busy Preston city centre in full view of shocked shoppers and young children.
The woman caused uproar when she paraded down Orchard Street and the bustling market, wearing only a pair of boots, in full view of children and shoppers.
The pictures were later published on a website. Yesterday, the woman behind the website, Gina Lorenz, was fined for outraging public decency in a similar incident in York.
The model, Lindsay Anne Wheatcroft, was also fined for striking provocative naked poses in front of children in the shadow of historic York Minster.
Lindsay, 19, from Blackpool told Selby magistrates she would walk around naked every day if she could, and was only initially wearing a coat on the day of her arrest, because it was a cold day.
Outrage after model strips off in Preston
Lindsay was found guilty of threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly behaviour and fined £250.
Her co-defendant, Gina Lorenz, 25, was convicted of aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring Lindsay in her offence and was fined £300.
Gina Lorenz filmed the women, and directed them to strike various sexual poses as they walked towards High Petergate in York.
The video showed members of the public, including pensioners and young children, walking just a few feet from the women. The website also shows the women performing similar antics in Preston, Chorley and Clitheroe. In one image, blond Lindsay can be seen flaunting herself in Preston's bustling market area. Lindsay, a student hair-dresser from Blackpool, told the court they had traveled to York with Gina Lorenz for a day out. Gina Lorenz works as a photographer in Blackpool. Asked by defence solicitor, Paolo Passerini, what they did in York, Lindsay said: "We walked around for a bit then decided to walk through the town naked." She said they wanted to make a home video, and denied their behaviour was an offence. She said: "Nobody was complaining - they were cheering us on." Presiding magistrate said Lindsay's behaviour went "way beyond" artistic and said many of the poses were "undoubtedly sexually explicit."
In addition to the fines, Lindsay and Gina were both bound over for a year and told to pay £125 costs each.
A third woman, Carie-Anne Baker, accepted a caution for indecency and did not appear in court. Mike Barton, Chief Supt of Preston Police, said: "I have no problem with what people get up to behind closed doors, but once they outrage public morality then the police have to get involved. If we'd have caught these people we would have prosecuted, just like the police in Yorkshire."
Preston councilor Michael Lavalette said: "Often art can be challenging but this seems to be more of a pornographic nature."
Coun Terry Cartwright said: "Filmmakers seem to be taking bigger dares these days. I think this is definitely a bad thing. If it were a man filming naked people there would be an uproar. "This could really frighten someone. Some people might laugh it off, but I think it's disgusting. I don't think it should happen in Preston. It shouldn't happen anywhere."
Anne-Marie Flynn, marketing manager for Preston City Centre Management Company, said: "I can imagine some shoppers would be pleased but others would be horrified."
Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston, said: "I think when they have invited controversy in the way that they have, then the law will come into play. I'm not prudish about these things, but there is a time and a place."
Fr Timothy Lipscomb, vicar of Preston, said: "It is not nice if people are offended but nobody got hurt, and worse things happen at sea. I think there are so many awful and ghastly things happening, This may be against the law, but nobody got hurt."
Some previews from Preston and York photo shoots mentioned above:
preview 1 - Preston
preview 2 - Preston
preview 3 - York

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